The Real Donald

The Real Donald

Over half a year into his presidency, a lot of the questions over just what kind of leader the Donald would be have been answered.

It was widely mooted by political commentators that the role would see a calmer, more considered and reasonable DT. That clearly has not happened. If Obama had restored dignity and respect to the office of President, The Donald has wasted no time in trashing that restored dignity and at the same time, turning American high politics into a part comedic, part tragic docu-soap.

Last weeks spontaneous outburst revealed a man with little self-awareness, a poor grip on the "facts" and a lack of knowledge of his own country's history.

His obsession with "fake new" is also very revealing; This is the man who instigated the "birther" movement based on the fallacy that Obama was not born in the USA (thereby making him inelegible for the office of President of the United States). Although Trump claims Hilary Clinton started it, there is no doubt that it was Trump who actually made the issue into a movement. He continued to perpetuate the myth over several years and although in September 2016 he finally acknowledged that Obama was born in Hawaii, the movement still persists.

If a man in such high office can promote and sustain a lie for so long, the strange nature of his relationship with truth, facts and journalistic accuracy should surprise nobody.

The question is how long before he goes to far? Most reasonable people would say that he already did last week. Another question is for how long will the Republican Party tolerate his antics?

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